About YUC

The Yarmouk University College was established based on the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 4988 on 12/10/1996. The collage started teaching in the academic year 1996/1997 as a private scientific institution with a moral personality and financial and administrative independence and enjoys full legal capacity to achieve its goals. The college has the right to address all relevant bodies to serve its educational and scientific goals, and it has the right to contact Arab and foreign universities. The college adopts the curricula and academic vocabulary approved in Iraqi, Arab and other foreign universities. And based on the plan of the college and its keenness on providing future opportunities for our students and providing Iraq with highly qualified staff that is comparable to that in government universities, the college in the academic year 2005/2006 opened the Department of Pathological Analysis and in the year 2006/2007 the college opened new scientific departments that are dentistry and pharmacy. The collage was also provided with advanced laboratories and competent professors. The collage has nine departments now, six of which are in Diyala province and three are in Baghdad with evening session studies in some of the departments.

The certificate granted by the college is equal to the certificates granted by public universities. Collage graduates will enjoy all the rights and privileges enjoyed by graduates of public universities, where the top graduate of the college is appointed in one of the institutions affiliated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research similar to the graduates of other universities. The college aims, through its scientific departments, to serve the community by actively contributing to university education and disseminating science and knowledge to the largest possible number of people according to the instructions and laws.

The college seeks to attract competent professors from inside and outside Iraq to improve its scientific capabilities and transfer of foreign academic experiences. The collage also works to twin its scientific departments with other scientific departments of prestigious foreign universities. This provides practical and scientific opportunities for its graduates and opens up broad prospects for them to complete their postgraduate studies to obtain a Master of Science and PhD outside of Iraq, as well as their inalienable right to complete their postgraduate studies in Iraq.

The college is not only a place where the student receives scientific experiences, knowledge and skills, but it is the appropriate medium for building the student’s personality, developing it and preparing it to be an active element in society.

Yarmouk University College is an Iraqi college established in 1996 and located in Diyala province, while its medical departments are located in Baghdad. YUC departments are dentistry, pharmacy, pathological analyzes, engineering of computer technologies, computer science, law, Arabic language literature and English language literature. Also, the collage has specialized medical clinics to treat dental diseases at its headquarters in Baghdad.


The Yarmouk University College strives to be among the most distinguished private colleges and universities in creativity and leadership in its fields of specialization (medical, engineering, and Humanities) to serve the community. The collage is keen to be a center for innovation and creativity and to occupy a prominent position among higher education institutions by providing high quality educational programs. The collage also works to meet society needs and to build a real partnership with society institutions by qualifying individuals to be future leaders who are able to creatively interact with their community and upholding the human values of society.


  1. The Yarmouk University College is keen that its mission is to prepare a person with theoretical knowledge, practical experiences and positive behaviors and has the ability to use it in developing his community by the latest scientific and technological methods through the creation of quality specialties that keep pace with the developments of the century and the needs of society. The college is committed during that to observe the criteria of comprehensive quality and sustainable development
  2. Preparing graduates with high competence to support national development and ensure employment and partnership with various business sectors.
  3. Preparing scientific and technical frameworks in various fields and disciplines, while adhering to academic values and norms and preserving societal values.
  4. Providing the student with educational and research skills in various medical, engineering, scientific and humanities specialties. The collage also works to develop students ability to innovate, teach and compete in the labor market and enhance the college contribution in economic and social development through the development of the scientific and administrative sector and environmental protection.
  5. Developing the administrative system through the improvement of human resources, including academic leaders, faculty members, administrators, technicians, and workers.
  6. Raising the scientific and technological level by providing the appropriate environment for students to work on their individual and group skills and capabilities in the field of science and work.
  7. Provide an appropriate scientific environment in which students and professors exchange prestigious university traditions.
  8. Yarmouk University College is keen to redouble its efforts to absorb knowledge and benefit from its abundance in developing scientific, cultural and ethical thoughts, and seeks a permanent presence in various academic and administrative fields in order to achieve quality standards and qualifies the college with its scientific and administrative departments to obtain academic or institutional accreditation.
  9. Work to implement the principle of (twinning) with Iraqi, Arab and international universities and colleges and to look forward to the latest developments in various academic and scientific fields.


  1. Serious work to attract distinguished faculty members in various specializations and to provide them with an appropriate environment. YUC is also looking to building partnerships with other colleges and universities (local and international) in order to raise the level of the education in all aspects (student, faculty member, scientific subject).
  2. Providing competent, qualified medical, engineering and scientific staff to meet the country’s need for them in accordance with the requirements of expediting the achievement of scientific, economic and social development goals.
  3. To focus on scientific research and its essential role in community service and solving its problems through conducting applied research, medical, scientific and engineering consultancy for the relevant bodies.
  4. Encouraging employees of Yarmouk University College to enroll in postgraduate studies for medical, scientific, engineering and humanitarian specializations
  5. Creating new paths for medical, engineering, and scientific education and training to keep pace with scientific development and in line with the country’s need.
  6. Seek to keep pace with the medical, engineering and scientific development in the field of information and communication technology and complete its projects inside and outside the college, provide advisory services, and supervise the design and implementation of information and communication systems and management systems.
  7. Establishing and developing the collage scientific and cultural relationship with Arab and international universities and scientific institutions in order to enhance scientific cooperation and exchange of expertise guaranteeing the participation in achieving development goals.
  8. The Yarmouk University College seeks to achieve continuous development of curricula and study plans for all levels of education to keep pace with rapid developments in medical, engineering and scientific fields.
  9. Yarmouk University College is keen to improve its performance and develop it in medical, engineering, scientific and administrative fields in order to achieve comprehensive quality assurance in a way that guarantees the gaining of academic accreditation.
  10. Developing the skills of teaching staff by providing modern teaching technology and supporting them to participate in distinguished local and international training courses and conferences.
  11. To provide care for the cultural and psychological formation of the students and help them to develop their personality by providing cultural, intellectual and sporting activities.
  12. Preparing and publishing valuable scientific research according to the collage plans which contribute to solving practical problems and providing scientific and research consultations to solve technical and practical problems for the of governmental and private institutions
  13. Transforming the college into electronic management, increasing areas of excellence, and motivating faculty members, teaching staff, employees, and administrative staff towards more excellence and creativity.


الاسم الثلاثي


المنصب الاداري

1أ.د.سعد حمد عبداللطيف دكتوراهرئيس المجلس
2أ.م.د. عبدالمناف حمزه جودي دكتوراهمعاون العميد للشؤون العلمية
3أ.د. عباس زبون دكتوراهرئيس قسم القانون
4أ.د.عامر بنيه حمد دكتوراهرئيس قسم آداب اللغة الانكليزية
5أ.م.د. صباح حسن حسين دكتوراهرئيس قسم طب الاسنان
6أ.م.د.طه حامد الشبيب دكتوراهرئيس قسم تقنيات المختبرات الطبية
7أ.م.د.كاظم علي كاظم دكتوراهرئيس قسم الصيدلة
8أ.م.د. حسام عبد علي عبدالرضا
دكتوراهرئيس قسم هندسة تقنيات الحاسوب
10أ.م.د.عارف حمود سالم دكتوراهممثل الجهة المؤسسة
11ا.م. طلال طالب جميل ماجستير ممثل التدريسيين
12م.د. يسرى عبدالغفور محمد دكتوراهامين المجلس
13م.د. علي محمد رضا الفندي دكتوراهمقرر المجلس
14عبدالرحمن حسين علي طالب قسم طب الاسنان ممثل الطلبة

In the name of Allah the Merciful


Dear guests and students,

I welcome you to the Yarmouk University College, the lofty scientific edifice, the solid architecture, and the prestigious position among its counterparts from Iraqi, Arab and international universities and colleges. The college adopts in its study plans the harmonious between the sciences, the Subspecialties, with a focus on the principles of twinning and competitive examination to keep pace with modern developments in education. Since its establishment in 1996, Yarmouk University College has believed in strengthening the relationship with the community in order to consider the causes of development and advancement. Likewise, consolidating its relations with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as the faculty is always keen to look forward to upgrading its educational and national levels to the proper performance.

The college is not only a place where the student receives scientific experiences, knowledge and skills, but it is the appropriate medium for building the student’s personality, developing it and preparing it to be an effective element in society.

We are pleased that the efforts of the founding commission and all the college staff, professors, teachers, and associates are crowned from the first day of founding to this day by the more than 18 batch of graduates from all departments. The college also joined the Association of Arab Universities on April 11 2016 in addition to the social and humanitarian activities that the college has consistently pursued it in the interest of preserving the unity and safety of our dear country.

The college is recognized according to the letter of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, No. (T M 2/4988) dated 10/12/1996

Yarmouk University College, a member of the Association of Arab Universities