The Department of Computer Technology Engineering seeks to be one of the distinguished and wonderful departments by communicating with and keeping pace with recent scientific developments, developing academic curricula on an ongoing basis and qualifying students to advance them to high levels of community service in our dear country


Preparing engineers capable of dealing with computers and their various systems and applications and knowing their technological uses with the ability to develop and maintain them
The period of study in the department is four years and the curriculum of the Department of Computer Technology Engineering is the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and represents the theoretical and practical materials needed by computer technology engineers, as the study materials include all the basic and assistance materials in addition to the specialized materials that help the student learn Scientific foundations and technical skills acquisition
As for specialization, it takes place during the third stage and is divided into two branches
Computer electronics


The department seeks to enhance the scientific capacity and transfer academic expertise and experiences through twinning with the Technical and Engineering College of the Central Technical University and other colleges, and this in itself provides practical and scientific opportunities for our graduate.
The college is not only a place where the student receives experiences and knowledge, but it is the appropriate medium for building, developing and preparing the student’s personality to be an active element in society


The department seeks to achieve the following goals:
1. Acquire all basic knowledge and skills in the field of computer technology.
2. Selecting and preparing the necessary materials to implement the engineering and technical work.
3. Use and maintenance of all technology equipment and devices.
4. Identify faults, whether programmatic or material, and gain the ability to investigate them.
5. Diagnosing technical problems, distinguishing them and finding appropriate solutions to them


Academic Staff

Assit.Prof.Dr. Hussam Abdali Abdrida

Head of Department

Assit.Lect. Atheer Ahmed Khadim