The Law Department was established in 1996, which is the year in which Yarmouk University College was established, as one of the important departments of this college’s departments, and it is known for the competence of its graduates and professors, and the department includes a distinguished group of teachers who hold a doctorate degree from sober international universities, and in all branches of legal sciences and in its various departments (Public - private).
A blessed group of male and female students came out of the Law Department who reached the time of preparing this report (24) twenty-four regiments, who assumed important positions in practical, administrative and academic work, and they were good messengers for this department, and elements of righteousness and charity for their country through the great services that They give it.
And if history has the right to speak and record both feats or flaws, then there are the exploits of the professors of this department in the sacred duty they have performed towards this division until it has reached what it has reached today, starting with its founding, and passing through its administration represented by the department chair and the deanship of the college, They have good reward from God, and sincere supplication from fair people.
And from what history records of tragedies and shortcomings, that the department went through difficult circumstances represented in bad security conditions and others, the extent of which God Almighty does not know, so God rewarded everyone who had a white hand in managing and building this department and the employees in it, including professors, administrators and students, to happiness The world and the hereafter, and the people of knowledge increased knowledge, light and sincerity, to each illuminate the way in front of the guided, that it is the best of the Lord, and the Most Respondent.


The Law Department seeks to occupy a distinguished and distinguished position among the departments of the college and works to gain the confidence of all by providing a stable environment for education, scientific research and community service, as its existence is linked to the existence of the law that organizes the relationship between its members and removes the contradictions between its various interests accordingly, it is not possible The perception of a society without legal knowledge, so it always strives to achieve the highest levels of international excellence, scientific research and teaching.


Spreading the legal culture in society and working on preparing legal professionals who take care of achieving justice and stability in society spreading the culture of protecting human rights and establishing protection of public freedoms in Iraqi society and fighting financial corruption and raising the level of the Iraqi individual with his rights and obligations, as well as preparing lawyers to defend the oppressed In the Iraqi judiciary, they facilitate the discovery of the truth and are qualified to carry this message.


The Law Department aims to prepare a generation specializing in legal culture and high qualifications in law, encouraging research in the branches of legal sciences that affect society and the state in the legislative, executive and judicial fields, as well as practicing legal professions in various fields of public employment, and providing legal and specialized advice such as explaining laws and expressing legal opinions on Judicial decisions and rulings, providing legal advice and information to those wishing to achieve justice and showing the truth, and encouraging students to carry out scientific research in all areas of legal specialization through writing and publishing scientific research.


Academic Staff

Prof.Dr. Abbas Zaboon Obaid

Head of Department

Assit.Prof. Dr. Ahmed Fannous Hammadi



Lect.Dr. Omar Musa

Lect. Mohanad Ali Theyab

Lect. Jasim M. Izaldeen

Lect. Dr. Abduladheem Hamdan Ealiwi


Lect. Dr. Firas Sami Hameed

Lect. Dr. Yahya Hamid Issa