The Medical Laboratory Techniques department is a medical department in AL- Yarmouk university college that works in line with expanding the bases of technical learning and its applications, for it to take lead in providing technical services based on the human will and collaboration among community members.


The department Vision the following:

  • The utilization of latest laboratory devices and appliances in education and training.
  • Activating the relationship with the private sector in the field of laboratory analysis. 
  • Continues improving curricula and educational plans, then upgrading laboratories.


The Medical Laboratory Techniques department adopts a general massage that stands in its general structure to the framework of e-learning in Iraq. The department aims to achieve this message as a standard annual goal. The general objectives of the department focus on graduating highly trained and educated technical medical staffs, that are able to work in healthcare sectors and capacitate the human need and adopt the latest technologies.


The Medical Laboratory Techniques department aims to graduating qualified technical staffs to work in medical labs and operate regular medical analysis, general chemical check-ups, analyzing liquids, and operate and maintain laboratory appliances.



Acadamic Staff

Assist. Prof. Dr. Zahraa I. Abdulkhadum

Head of Department

Assist. Lect.Ali Fadhel Ahmed



Lect. Farah Mohammed Salih

Teaching Staff

Assist Prof. Abdulrazaq Jabbar Abdul Hussin

Teaching Staff

Assist.Prof Talal Talib Jameel

Teaching Staff

Assist Lect. Mohammed mahmood masood

Teaching Staff

Assist. prof. Dr. Madha Mohammed Sheet Saleh

Teaching Staff

Lect. Ahmed Muhammed Alwan

Teaching Staff

Lect. Dr. Yusra Abdulghafoor Mohammed

Teaching Staff

Assist. Lect. Asad Hameed Jafer

Teaching Staff