The Department of Arabic Language & Literature was opened in the session of 2020-2021, and its academic work has correspond with the Department of Arabic Language at the College of Arts / University of Baghdad. And prepare an experienced teaching staff in teaching the subjects of the department.


The department believes that Arabic Language is a human thought, expressive art, and a language of communication, as it is a cultural identity for those who speak it. The department work to be proud of it, to activate its function, and to continue its vitality in various fields.


Providing students with multiple skills of research, writing and communication, to meet the needs of the labor market, activating the capabilities of academic teachers in interactive teaching, and be update with the developments in specialization, and creating appropriate spaces for the establishment of various cultural activities.


Preparing generations of graduates who perfects the Arabic language in speech and writing, and linking originality with contemporary by investing in appropriate modern curricula, and contributing to specialized activities in order to develop research and society.


Academic Staff

Prof.Dr. Mohammed Kareem Alkawaz

Head of Department

Assit. Lect. Hussain Abd Al-Zahra